Wednesday, March 26, 2008

'Tis the Season!

So, I am a member of THAT Nation. Know what I'm talking about? No? Bet this will help:

Yes, we are RED SOX fans. No, this is not a recent picture (I WISH!). And no, I don't have anything for the twins.....yet. We were indeed up at 6 am the last two days to watch the Sox in Tokyo. With the kids. You know, before breakfast. Ok, so I "listened" to the game (HA. Actually I slept thru the first two innings both days). We are going to attend (sans children of course) 1 game this season. And it's our first Sox vs The Evil Empire (uh, I mean Yankees) game. In September. Which means it could be a really great game, or meaningless. Doesn't matter. We're going with friends and we actually got tickets. Now that the Sox rule the baseball world, getting tickets requires some finagling. First, you have to sign up for the chance to have your name drawn to perhaps, maybe, if you're lucky, purchase tickets. Then, you either get the "you're a loser" email (which I got 3 of, lucky me), or the "hey, you lucky bum, you get this once in a lifetime chance to maybe purchase tickets". Then, on the appropriate day and time, you log on via secret, special links and wait. Yep, you wait in a "lobby" FOREVER, hoping that you'll get in to purchase tickets. There are several games to choose from, but you can only pick one. And then there might not be any tickets left for the game you choose. I'd have better luck in Vegas. But anyway, on the appropriate day at the appropriate time, we logged on and waited. And on that day, we were to be attending Disney on Ice~Princesses. And as the time ticked, ticked, ticked away and we were still in the baseball lobby from hell, we got a bit panicky. How will we get tickets? We can't let this opportunity pass us by. We have to leave to take the twins to grandparents so we can take Meg and Drew to the Disney on Ice show (for which we had front row seats thank you very much). Thank goodness our friends were home when we called, and we gave them all the secret handshakes, etc. and they waited in the baseball lobby from hell for awhile, and acquired the tickets (kind of a letdown, now wasn't it?). And those tickets are now worth $500 each if we choose to sell them. Which of course we won't. Because maybe Beckett will be on the mound (I love him!) like last year when we went (courtesy of one of Doug's clients!!!) and maybe it will be a game that means something. But who cares!?!? Baseball season is here and we're ready! Go Sox!

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Auntie Nettie said...

If I live in enemy territory, am I still allowed to comment? Will you still love me anyway?