Friday, March 14, 2008

A monster ate my books

When Meg was a baby, she loved books. She loved to look at them, touch the pages, talk to the pictures. She was very kind to them and I was thrilled. I love books and I like to see them treated nicely. She was so nice to the books that they were still in good condition when Drew came along. And that's when it started. The monster that ate the books moved in. Drew was that monster. He chewed every single board book that we had. And if that wasn't enough, he tore them apart. He bent them backwards so that the bindings broke. It was heartbreaking. So heartbreaking that I took all the books away.

Fast forward to Annie and Izzie. They did NOT acquire Meg's delicate touch. Annie has succeeded in ruining at least a half dozen books in the last month. She chews the covers, bends them backwards and steps on them. Izzie has just discovered how wonderful the books taste and she too is chewing covers, etc. I don't know what to do. I want them to like books, but I think they've taken it to the extreme. I don't want to take the books away, but I am at a loss as to how to stop the destruction. The are not fans of the cloth books~not tasty enough I guess. Shall I just season all those lovely books with a bit of salt and pepper and let them chew away?


Auntie Nettie said...


I have no suggestions about how to flavor the books so the kids don't eat them, but if this isn't an idea for a children's book, I don't know what is. Check the online booksellers site and the library catalog and see if it's been done, and then you and K need to get together with N and work on it ASAP.

Can I get a credit on the author page?

Mommy Brain said...

My girls are book eaters too. It goes away. In fact, you can tell the books that they received in the past 4 months because they still look nice.

I kept 75% of the books on a high shelf or in a covered box near where we usually read. The other 25% were really there for them to chew on/tear up/destroy. (dollar store books are great for this.) So now that they don't chew anymore you can also tell the difference between the ones that were on the shelf (mildly chewed) vs the ones that were always out (unreadable).

Di said...

Claire is a book-chewer too. But not all books. So far, Snowmen at Night doesn't taste as good as Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb.

And the best-tasting of them all, Hippos Go Berzerk! She chewed a corner right off of that one!