Sunday, March 30, 2008

I should be doing other things, but I'm blogging instead.

I should really be doing something productive. Like tidying up the living room, or folding laundry (since Doug did all the rest of it this weekend, I should be able to manage at least one load, don't you think?). But, instead I'm blogging. It feels productive, even if it's not making my house cleaner. I just spent some time visiting some blogs and now I feel like blogging. So here goes.

We had an odd weekend. Odd because we were a man (ok, child) down. My mother-in-law picked up Meg from hockey yesterday and took her for the weekend for a visit. So it was only 5 of us, and it was strange. Strange because it was relatively quiet, strange because Drew didn't have too many meltdowns, and strange because I wasn't even here when she got home today! No, I was off teaching a scrapbooking class when she arrived home. I guess she was so happy to be home she cried. It's been awhile since she had a sleepover with either of her grandparents, and the last few have included Drew, so while she was happy for some quiet time with her Mimi and Bumpa (her names for them), I think she was so relieved to be home. And she came home with new toys for everyone (except her parents, I just realized). For a 7 year old, she can be extremely empathetic. She got the twins a pink Fisher Price school bus to play with, because Drew still plays with the other one we have (and quite frankly refuses to share). She got Drew a Curious George stuffed animal and Matchbox car, because he loves monkeys and cars. She got some things for herself too, but nothing outrageous. She was so excited to show me everything she got; it was really sweet to watch. And tonight she finally lost a tooth that has been loose for about a hundred years. It was so bad that she refused to CHEW on that side of her mouth for fear it might fall out (her irrational fear of loose teeth comes from me unfortunately. Eww).

The twins became completely unspooled when I got home today. They're perfectly content when I'm not here, but as soon as I walk thru the door they go berserk. They start crying almost instantaneously and since they're talking a bit, all I hear is "mamamamamamamamama" until I pick one of them up. They are crying tears of joy that I'm home. I think I need to get out more!

The other funny thing about the twins is their reactions to things. For instance, we get deer in our backyard. Our backyard is 12 acres of woods. It's been a harsh winter here, and the fact that we still have 4 feet of snow in places means that the deer are coming for food. They've found that food source in our bird feeder. So, if the girls see deer, they let us know in this fashion~point wildly and yell "deeeahdeeahdeeahdeeah". They also do that when there aren't any deer there as well, just to remind us that out back is where the deer are. It's so cute to watch and listen to. I am pretty sure that now that they are talking more, they aren't going to stop. And honestly, I'm not sure how I feel about that. I already carry on more conversations than I can handle. Maybe I'll have to start drawing straws, or ooh, even numbers like at the deli. Then, when I call someone's number or pick a straw, we can have a conversation together. Hmm, I'll have to give that one some thought and let you all know what I come up with.

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Jess said...

Never count blogging as unproductive. In my book it's sanity wrapped up in a bow and that's the most productive thing I can be doing for myself! Love love love that you have deer in your backyard!