Monday, March 24, 2008

The weekend roundup~yeehaw!

We had a pretty decent weekend. It all started, for me at least, with a nice arrival in the mail from my old friend Jane. She had read about the sock incident and sent along a lovely striped pair for me. I was having a very cranky Friday and that cheered me up. Thank you Jane!

Saturday was a good day. It started off early, watching Megan play goalie for the first time. She was so excited to be a goalie, but so nervous that we had to practically force her onto the ice. Once she got out there though, she was AWESOME! We were so proud of her!

Saturday night we had a little date to go see our niece and nephew in their high school performance of Guys and Dolls. They were incredible, as always. We can only hope that our kids grow up to be as talented, smart, wonderful and caring as their cousins.

We had a nice Easter as well. Ok, so you can't tell from this photo (Izzie was mad because we wanted her to stop playing for the photo op) but the Easter candy hunt was fun, the kids got loads of stuff from everyone, and we got to visit both families over the course of the day. It's so nice that our parents only live 10 minutes apart.

So, that's it. Now we're back to Monday. And the girls are back to a barely 45 minute nap. And still no one has invented the coffee IV.


Mom said...

When you figure out how to get that coffee IV going, be sure to have them create a Coca Cola IV, too.

Toni said...

Thanks for the visit and comment.

Sounds like a fun weekend!

Amy said...

I'm telling you, we'd make a mint on that IV! Let's call the patent office... :)

Creative Kerfuffle said... IV + starbucks. maybe you could just develop it and sell it to starbucks and make a buttload of money : )