Monday, March 10, 2008

DST and other sundry Monday things

I am not a fan of Daylight Savings Time. Well, that is not entirely true. I am a HUGE fan of darker mornings where my son, who usually rises at 5, actually sleeps until 7. That is a miracle of gigantic proportions, and not at all brought on by any unnatural substances. One night does not a new pattern make, so I reserve judgment.

What I am NOT a fan of is eating my dinner in sunlight so bright that it feels like noon. Also not a fan of that fact that DST is earlier this year. Usually, DST coincides with the sprouting of flowers, temperatures above 35 degrees and oh, no snow on the ground. None of those conditions exist here. There is still so much snow on the ground that I am anticipating it being July before it's all gone. I totally understand the premise behind DST. I too am happy with the thought of lower electric bills since I won't have to light every light in my house in order to make dinner. Not having to put our outside lights on at 4pm is nice. But it's only March 10th, we have 4 feet or more of snow on the ground, and DST is supposed to be indicative of spring. Seems a bit of a slap in the face to me.

On another note, my husband now has the bronchitis ick that the kids and I have. Mine has turned into a really nasty cough accompanied by a wheeze. Carrying the twins up and down the stairs brings out the nastiness of the wheeze. I sound like a smoke a pack or two a day (which byt the way, I don't). Oh, and for fun, Annie and I took a tumble on Friday.

Yes, the tumble was a very bad mama moment, even though it was an accident. It was one of those moments that make you feel horrible as a parent. You think, "First, do no harm" (ok, so that's the Hippocratic Oath, but you get the point). I was carrying her across the living room that was littered with toys (you can see where this is going, can't you?) to get her sock, and I stepped on a toy. The next thing I knew, we were face down on the floor and her head was against the speaker. She seemed ok at first, until I noticed the blood. She cut herself just outside her eye. And got a little bruise on her cheek. LUCKILY, it was nothing more than that, and even the bruise is barely noticeable. I drove my shoulder into the floor and it is only now starting to feel better. Guess it could have been much worse. And she gave me a big smile and a hug to let me know it was all ok. What a good girl.


Amy said...

Four feet of snow? I'm only a few states to the south of you (Pennsylvania) and we haven't had to use the snowblower at all this year. Hooray! It's still cold, though, but my daffodils are really coming up. Spring is approaching...

Sorry about your tumble with Annie. I think it happens to the best of us. Just chalk it up to a "Britney Spears Moment!"

Thia said...

Do not feel bad about your fall. Stepping on toys hurts!! I knelt to change a diaper last week and there was a toy under my ankle. Next thing I knew, I was curled up fetal position gripping my ankle. Sure enough, I had a nice bruise for several days.
Snow...where they dump it, in town, the pile is often there to July or even August!

Anonymous said...

Grace honey,

At the rate you are going you are not going to have any unbruised portions of your anatomy. Must be something in the air. Let's blame DST for all the falling. The Moosh did it too.

AN aka too lazy to log on to comment this a.m.

Mommy Brain said...

Oh Kristin, don't worry about the fall. These things happen. One of my daughters once tackled her sister for a sippy cup and ended up with a black eye.

Hang in there with the DST adjustment!