Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Monday Tuesday

My day started off much like hers, with a massive migraine that was a holdover from yesterday. And the stupid thunderstorms that we are supposed to be getting, which would relieve said migraine, are going all around us. HELLO! I need a thunderstorm. Please. Thank you.

But anyway, we had a really lovely weekend here. Doug met his father at our other house Saturday morning and they took the old tenants' junk to the dump. Hooray for that chapter being over. Our new tenants move in this coming weekend. Saturday afternoon friends from our old neighborhood came up to visit. We hung out in the yard, getting eaten alive by black flies, even with our fire pit going. It was nice to visit, catch up and have the kids play nicely together. It's always a bonus when that happens.

Sunday was our family cookout. My parents, my in-laws, and my brother-in-law and his family came to spend some time out in the yard with us. We joked that is was awfully nice of us to have twin babies so that the grammies each had one to push on the swings! Thank goodness our families get along so well. It certainly would make things awkward if they didn't.

Yesterday we went to the town "parade". It is a bit of a joke, as it is very small and literally lasts only a couple of minutes. But, we saw friends and it was nice to feel like we belong here in this little town. Part of the reason we moved here is that Doug has worked here in town for almost 10 years and is established here. It's nice to be on our own and making our own friends and we can start to establish ourselves in the community. It feels good doing that for ourselves and our kids. After the parade we worked hard in the yard, mulching and planting dahlia bulbs.

In all it was a great weekend and I was sad to have it end. Doug isn't on vacation again until early July so that's a long time for me to be doing most of this on my own. I will have our babysitter starting to work 2 days a week in a couple of weeks, and that will alleviate some of my stress (I hope!).

Here are some of our weekend photos:
(The playset!)
(Drew at the parade)
(Meg at the parade)
(Seriously hot and tired babies, at the parade)


AndreAnna said...

Damn weather!

Mine has finally abated, but I worry if the storms don't pass soon, it will come back.

The pics are great and it looks like your little guy LOVES the swingset!

Pocklock said...

We loved our little 4 minute town parade too!

(Hi! Found you via AndreAnna!)

Astarte said...

Oh, cutie babies!!! They look like they actually took the heat and noise of a parade really well.

Did you actually Garden with a Migraine?!?! That HAS to be some kind of awardable event. You, dahling, are committed. Either that, or committable. HA!

I hope your head gets all better. It's a tough time of year for migraines. :(

Heather said...

I feel you on the migraines...there really is nothing worse.

I kind of want to play on the playset.

Dana said...

Can't wait to get a playset for the chill'ns. Lucky you!

A babysitter! I'm so jealous!

Sam said...

That playset is freakin awesome. I'm jealous! LOL

All the pics are cute, I may have said it before, but your kids are adorable.

Hope your migrane goes away soon.

Saly said...

YAY for the playset!!! And a good cook out too!