Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Much Ado About Nothing

After my blogging, and all the great advice from the internets, nothing came of it today. Not a word from Meg after school. I even asked leading questions to see if anything came up at school today, but she said no. After reading more information about the incident, it sounds like the woman and her kids had moved out of her boyfriend's house so Meg wouldn't have known them. But WE know the boyfriend (well, Doug does). Turns out he dated the office manager at Doug's office several years ago. I vaguely remember his name in conversations about what a JERK he was to this woman. Makes the situation even more freakish.

But to you dear internets. Thank you. I appreciate all the advice. I really hope I NEVER have to use it.

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Emily said...

It sure must be strange when something like that happens so close to home. But, at least it seems to be a nonissue for your daughter at the moment.