Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?

Why do the twins feel the need to fill their diapers with toxic goo as soon as I put them down for a nap? Is it that the crib is so comforting to them? Or do they like to make me crazy? Crazy. I tell you.

Why do my kids REFUSE to put ANYTHING away? Is it a gene? Did I pass that gene on to them? Or can I blame Doug for that?

Where do all the baby socks go when I do the laundry? I have about a gazillion unmatched baby socks. I cannot find the matches to save my life.

Who created those annoying musical toys with no On/Off switch? They should be beaten about the head, or at least forced to listen to their obnoxious toy OVER AND OVER AGAIN like I have to.

Why isn't there a coffee IV yet?

When did my little girl grow up to be a big girl who can read anything you put in front of her?

What happens when you change the toxic baby goo? Babies finally nap. ahhh. You'd think I'd know enough to check the noise earlier than I do.

How can I have no chocolate in the house? How is that possible? I mean, there is a bag of lovely Ghiardelli chocolate chips and they're calling my name. How can I resist?

How can I get my house cleaned up without doing the work myself?

Where will I end this post? I could go on and on with these questions. Do you have any?


Creative Kerfuffle said...

My kids also refuse to put things away—especially the boy.
If you find the answer to getting the house cleaned w/out doing it yourself, please share.
Here are my questions:
Why is the bath mat in the kids’ bathroom STILL SOAKING wet this morning? And nobody took a shower last night?
Why do my kids wait until we’re walking out the door to go to school to tell me I need to sign this or they need a snack for that or oh yeah, I need a check for lunch money?
Why do schools wait until the end of the year and then have 50 kabillion things going on that make you feel like a slackass parent if you can’t attend every single thing???
Why doesn’t Starbucks deliver?
Why can't blogging be a real, high paying (w/ benefits) job????

Thia said...

In my most whiney voice ever....

Dana said...

This rocked!

Why do I constantly have to repeat myself?

How come my 2-year-old's toys have to go pooh in the potty, but he never does?