Thursday, May 1, 2008

I love Maine, really, I do! And other stuff too.

I seem to complain a lot about the weather here in Maine, don't I? One would think I don't like it here, what with the 100 + inches of snow this winter, and mud season (which we haven't experienced this year!) and the flooding and whatnot. But, that is not correct. I love Maine. I was born and raised here. My parents are NOT native Mainers, but that doesn't matter. They've been here long enough I think to consider it all good. The snowfall we received this winter hadn't happened since the 1970s. I remember being a kid and having tons of snow to play in. The rain and flooding, well, those are issues that I've really only paid attention to as a homeowner because it affects me. Luckily, both of my homes are away from bodies of water so I am safe. But when I logged onto today, Maine was in the headlines because of the flooding up north. I can't imagine losing a home to floodwaters. Ick.

But I love being a Mainer (pronounced Main-ah). I love the mountains and the changing of the leaves in the fall. I love to look at the snow (and thankfully I don't have to shovel it anymore) and I couldn't imagine living where I didn't have four distinct seasons. Sure, summer is over on July 5th (and it only starts July 4th) but really, it's the place for me. So, even though I complain a lot about the weather, I'll just wait a minute and it will change. Not always for the better, but a change can't hurt, right?

Still no news on our other house. We're having an open house on Sunday to see what might happen. Since we'd still prefer to sell over rent, we may need to drop the price, again. The stress of it is starting to get the better of me. It's pretty much all I think about. Not good thoughts, I know.

Meg has her first softball game tonight. After only one practice. Should be interesting. She proclaimed this morning that she was going to hit a home run and I told her to concentrate on just getting a hit and running the right way on the bases. She always aims so high and then is disappointed when it doesn't happen. Maybe I'm a big fat downer to her, but I think sometimes that reality is better than rose colored glasses. I blame my husband for that. He is very much a "let's not sugarcoat it" kind of a person. Sometimes though, a little rose coloring is in order and we don't agree on that very much.

I had to dress up for the field trip yesterday. I don't dress up. I am at home in jeans and some sort of comfy shirt, every day, all day. Meg's teacher told them to wear "theater attire" and that was fine and dandy for them, but I figured that going in my jeans wasn't going to cut it. One little boy wore a suit! He looked so adorable. It was too bad that all the first and second graders didn't wear theater attire, because it was night and day between her class and the others from the school. Back to my need to dress up though. Oh my holy hell I was uncomfortable. Meg was wonderful, telling me how beautiful I looked, but I couldn't wait to get home and change out of my skirt. She was actually disappointed when she got off the bus yesterday and I was in my jeans. My inability to be comfortable with how I look is truly for another post, some day, maybe. I guess for now as long as my kids and husband think I'm beautiful, I'm good as gold.


Auntie Nettie said...

"Back to my need to dress up though. Oh my holy hell I was uncomfortable"

Ah, my darling ... Welcome to almost every day of my working life now that I'm at the Big J.

Auntie Nettie said...

N' YO Sparky.
More soon -- offline. I promise. Really I do!

Mommy Brain said...

Oh boy, if my kids expect skirts everyday then they are doomed to disappointment.

I've only been to Maine once...for about 30 seconds. I was visiting Portsmouth, NH and we decided to cross the border just so we could say we'd been there. I think it's beautiful up there and is on our short list of vacation destinations this year.

Good luck with the game.

Creative Kerfuffle said...

ok, you've totally redeemed yourself and reinstated maine (or new england in general) as my secret fantasy place to live ; )
and on the dressing up thing. i hate clothes, really, we should all be able to wear jeans or pajama bottoms and t-shirts everywhere we go. sadly i think my office would frown on it.
but it is cool when the kids say, wow, you look nice huh?
i have my fingers crossed that someone will buy the house (since i can't).

AndreAnna said...

I am all for comfortable casual!!

Sue said...

I would totally put on a skirt for Max and Ruby. I heart them! But even jeans is dressing up for me these days. I usually wear the sweats I slept in. *slunking away in shame now since my New Years resolution was to upgrade my image!*

Anonymous said...

It's 2 pm and I'm still in my pajamas. Ha.
I Love Maine Too!!! I agree wholeheartedly with your post...there is nowhere else I'd rather be.
Except in Hawaii, oh, around the month of March. :-)