Wednesday, May 14, 2008

More Twists and Turns

A couple of days ago I posted about my turn as "that parent" (and honestly, if I could figure out how to link it here, I would, really). The story takes another interesting twist.

After the G&T teacher emailed me detailing what is keeping Megan out of the program, which was basically her inability to consistently go "above and beyond" in her work, I opted to just let things go. Doug and I talked, and while we agree with some of what the teacher said, we weren't going to fight the system just yet. After all, she is 7 and just figuring out the whole school thing and what is expected of her. So, when she came bombing off the bus this afternoon with a grin THIS wide, I knew something was up. Sure enough, she got asked to go with the group to the G&T teacher today. WTF? Either she is, or isn't, in the group. Not sometimes, but it's got to be either all or nothing. Now Meg doesn't know of my correspondence to this woman, but her teacher does. Maybe her teacher decided that it was time to have her try again. But HELLO! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be kept in the loop. Why now? Because I complained, or because all of a sudden they feel she's ready? I just don't get it. I wasn't about to burst her bubble so I just asked her if she was happy to go, and of course she was. She even brought home the project they made, with instructions for parents. Oh, and get this. The letter and instructions had missing words. From the Gifted and Talented Teacher! OMG! That was the first thing I noticed when I took the paper out of her backpack. Now I know that I'm in backwoods Maine here, but come on! I'm sure there will be more to tell of this tale.


Dana said...

One way to link to a previous post, click on the title of it in your blog. This brings up the "permanent link." Copy the address in the Address Bar at the very top of your internet window. Go to your new post (that you want to link back to your old post) and highlight the word that you want to link, ie. "that parent." Then click on the Link button and paste in the address you copied.
Hope that helps!

AndreAnna said...

As an editor, I am trained to catch even the smallest grammatical, spelling, etc., mistakes. That being said, *I* still make them, because I am human. HOWEVER, because I am not an idiot, especially when it comes to something work-related, and something that other people WILL READ, I get ANOTHER set of eyes to check it.

Because HOO BOY, I bet she looks dumb now! :)

Creative Kerfuffle said...

i think that teacher should join the boy's teacher on her sabbatical for a mental breakdown. the school needs to quit "teasing" meg and make a decision and stick to it!!! i think i'd REALLY be that parent now. actually, the hubs would be cos he really gets ticked off at stuff like that and by now the teachers/staff are afraid of him. : )

Saly said...

It sounds like they're just pulling her in so many different directions...but at least she rolls with it.