Sunday, May 4, 2008

One Step Forward, A Zillion Steps Back (EDITED)

Just when things might start to look up, they go downhill again. Let me start at the beginning.

We had our open house at our other home yesterday. When we had a broker and tried to sell the house before, no one ever came to the open houses. It was so depressing. So, we didn't have high hopes for an open house in the pouring rain yesterday. We were pleasantly surprised with the turnout though. We had people come with brokers, and some on their own. Most gave us their information so we could contact them, although one just left with barely a thank you. We have one person really interested in the house because it would keep her children in their current schools (the school system is being redistricted there), but we're not sure if she's ready to buy. While we're ok with a rent to own option, if the tenants opts out of the purchase, we're right back to where we are now, which is paying two mortgages. We'd rather sell the home outright. So internets, keep your fingers crossed for us. We could use some good luck.

So, that was the step forward. Listen to the step back. Last night, at 10:30 we were sitting down to watch Deadliest Catch on DVR from last week (I don't know why I enjoy chain smoking crab fishermen in Alaska, but it's riveting). We were enjoying some popcorn and relaxing when a loud clunk game from the garage. Doug disappeared out to check it out and didn't come back in. I finally hunted him down to see what was the matter, and he said it was his truck (a 2002 Ford Explorer) falling apart. The clunking we heard was a spring falling off the truck. This truck has been a nightmare. I won't bore you with the details, but we just had the wheel bearings on all 4 wheels replaced a couple of months ago. And it's had other issues too. So, this morning I am without a car as the Explorer just went off on a tow truck and Doug has my van. We'll go get a rental, again, later today. Argh. (EDIT: No rental. Truck will be fixed, to the tune of $600. Turns out, we only have the "basic" extended warranty, and the 2 springs that are being replaced fall under the "holy shit expensive" double dog dare extended warranty. GAH.)

To top it off, the twins have been IRRITABLE since Friday. Lots of crying and low grade fevers. I think it's just the molars they are getting but PUHLEASE....sometimes I have to leave the room and it would be swell if they wouldn't cry EVERY time. Too bad we can't go anywhere today to change their moods.


Amy said...

Ugh. I had a Ford before my current car, and it was a-w-f-u-l. One time it completely and unexpectedly SHUT OFF while I was driving. I was stranded for hours. Although I'm quite patriotic, I'm not sure I'll ever buy an American car again.

Here's hoping the twins get over the whininess soon. I swear, I hear whining in my sleep.

AndreAnna said...

Do you think all the Ford Explorer sent out like a bat signal this month and was like "Hey, let's totally screw with our owners, fall apart, and leave families with one or no car, and thousands of dollars in repair."

I will never buy a Ford again after this, but I will drive this one until the paint falls off after all of the money I put into it.

Sorry about the twins - maybe some motrin will help with the molars?

Thia said...

"sometimes I have to leave the room and it would be swell if they wouldn't cry EVERY time."

Oh MY! Tell me about it. My 20 month old has been like that lately.

Heather said...

I swear, every single problem I've had with my car (and I've had A LOT) was only covered by the Holy Shit Expensive warrenty. I don't know WHAT is covered by the basic warrenty!

Sorry about the twins. Too bad you're across the country or we could throw our whiny kids in a room while we enjoyed delicious adult beverages.

Anonymous said...

Well, if I had a vehicle...I'd drive on down and we could commiserate in our miserable-ness together. I'm so sorry about all this money mess!!