Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Punctuality counts

I cannot stand to be late. I would rather be 30 minutes early to something than late. It makes me crazy and sets the tone for the whole day. So, when my darling husband arrived at home at 9 am today so I could take Drew to his 9 am preschool, to say I was annoyed was an understatement. I know he was doing me a favor by watching the twins this morning, as his mom is away and she's my bi-weekly babysitter so I can volunteer at Meg's school. But I had a commitment and when I commit to something, I follow through. Thankfully, I got Drew to school only 10 minutes late, wasn't the last parent/grandparent/caregiver to arrive and got to Meg's school on time. But his blase "sorry" when I flew out the door got me thinking about my commitments versus his commitments, and how sometimes I feel like the things that I do aren't that important. Because honestly, I only get out twice a month to volunteer in Meg's classroom, and my Creative Memories events are either on Friday nights or Saturdays. I plan all of what I do around either his schedule or the kids' schedules and all I ask is that he be punctual. Is that really too much to ask? I would complain (I mean blog of course) more about my darling husband, but he's reading over my shoulder. And he reads this blog, so I have to temper my comments. Because there are days when he's late getting home (yesterday) or he's late getting here and I just want to blog about it to see if it will make me feel better. I know it really won't make me feel better and I need to just talk with him, but if he's not here/late getting here, then I just get cranky about it. And I hunt down some chocolate. Because of course chocolate soothes a cranky soul. Right?


Sam said...

First I wanted to tell you I'm loving the twitter thing, keeps me coming back to see what you're up to. :)

Second, I am totally with you. For instance on Mother's Day, it wasn't bad enough that my husband had to go to the garage to work on his mother's van, he took all frigin day, even when he knew I had plans to do something as a family. Then there we were rushing around because I had planned to meet up with my family at a certain time, which brought stress to the day.
So, I feel your pain. Isn't it awesome that we have blogs to go to when we need to vent. Luckily enough though my husband doesn't read mine, hopefully he never will.

Creative Kerfuffle said...

first--would someone please explain to me what the hell twitter is?? : )
i can't comment on the late thing because i'm perpetually late (i am a procrastinator, what can i say?). as for the venting on the blog--i vent on mine and the hubs reads it. yes, i would vent MORE if he didn't, but sometimes it's actually cool because there are things we don't have time to say/talk about that he reads on the blog. however, i don't normally have a problem bitching at him in person : )

Saly said...

I love your new photo, first of all. I feel the same way though. I fell like a lot of the time, Hub has no concept of time.


Mommy Brain said...

I think having the twins first has helped reduce (reduce, not eliminate) my compulsion to be on time. I'm not sure I made it anywhere on time their entire first 6 months. Although, we're on time pretty much 90% of the time these days (better than most airlines!) and so I'm back to being stressed whenever I'm the slightest bit late.

Trust me, my DH has been hit with the screams of "Do you know what time it is?" as he walks in the front door. Your time and your commitments are just as important as anyone else's including anyone you might be keeping waiting when he is keeping you waiting. At least, that's what I tell my husband. Which works. 90% of the time. ;-)

Dana said...

"I plan all of what I do around either his schedule or the kids' schedules and all I ask is that he be punctual. Is that really too much to ask?" I'm so with you!

creative kerfuffle: mooshinindy has an excellent discourse on what the heck twitter is ;)

Cass said...

My husband has a plus or minus 20 minute issue and I am VERY punctual. Sometimes they just don't get it.

And can I just say that 'sorry' isn't an apology if it doesn't spur any change. It's just an empty word.

Creative Kerfuffle said...

thanks for the twitter info. i read the post, hill-a-rious. i set it up on my blog but honestly, i think i'll take it down cos i don't know if i can handle another addiction : )